ZyXEL PoE-12 POE Injector

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ZyXEL PoE-12 POE Injector

Provide Easy Power over Ethernet Connectivity

Power Injectors provide an easy way to add a handful of Power over Ethernet (PoE) capable devices onto your internal network. All ZyXEL PoE injectors support the industry standard 802.3af specification, meaning not only will they work with ZyXEL's own PoE capable access points, but will work with other vendors' products, even PoE capable phones. The benefit of using an injector instead of a switch is that you don't have to replace your existing switches, just add the injector between the switch and the PoE device. It's perfect for adding a couple extra PoE ports to your network.

* Offers installation freedom by providing Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology
* Easy installation for IEEE802.3af compliant WLAN AP or IP Surveillance Camera in challenging locations
* Reach any power outlet up to 328 feet (100 m) away via CAT-5 Ethernet cabling
* IEEE 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) standard compliant
* Advanced auto-sensing algorithm performing auto power allocation only to 802.3af end devices
* Superior safety with overloading and short-circuit protection

Power over Ethernet Empowerment
ZyXEL PoE-12 is a single-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) Injector that infuses and transmits electricity through unused pairs (4/5 and 7/8) in CAT-5 Ethernet cables, while data flows are carried by the other pairs (1/2 and 3/6). As such both power and data can be delivered to PoE devices (PD) via a single CAT-5 Ethernet cable without an extra power supply.

Hassle-free Installation
With the PoE-12, non-PoE switches can now power IEEE802.3af compliant PoE devices through an effective single CAT-5 Ethernet cable link up to 100m in length.

This means that now users can install any IEEE 802.3af compliant PoE devices like WLAN access points or IP surveillance cameras with more freedom. Unlike traditional solutions, the PoE-12 can now take advantage of the effortless connectivity in challenging locations, such as ceiling or top of wall, without laying power cables, freeing devices from power outlets for maximum flexibility.

The PoE-12 is easy to use and needs no configuration. Installation is straightforward and can be performed by users without power cabling expertise or expense as only simple inbound and outbound cable plugging is required.