ZyXEL SFP-LHX1310-40 SFP Transceiver

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ZyXEL SFP-LHX1310-40 SFP Transceiver

SFP ports mean flexibility. The flexibility to choose which fiber you want to run and what sort of distance you need. They save money by allowing you to use existing fiber so you don't have to run more. Instead of buying a switch with built-in fiber ports, buy a switch with SFP ports that allows you to choose what type of fiber transceiver you want to use on a port-by-port basis.

* Industry Standard Compliance
* SFP MSA (Multi-Source Agreement) Compliance
* Hot-Pluggable with Maximum Flexibility
* Compact Size, High Port Density
* Single +3.3V Power Supply
* Low Power Dissipation

Gigabit Speed and Flexibility
ZyXEL's Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) transceiver family provides performance and flexibility with full duplex Gigabit speeds and hot-pluggable into Gigabit Ethernet port.

Small Size and High Port Density
ZyXEL's SFP transceiver's compact design provides high port density. For example, ZyXEL GS-3012F switch can connect up to 12 fiber links - all at an affordable price.

Industry Standards-based Compliance
ZyXEL's SFP transceiver family is compliant with IEEE 802.3z and SFP MSA allowing easy interoperability with all standard compliance devices from different vendors.