ZyXEL VSG-1200 V2 Hospitality Gateway

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ZyXEL VSG-1200 V2 Hospitality Gateway

High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) Designed for Hospitality

* PMS Integration
* RADIUS Authentication/Accounting
* Time-based Billing (Billing by minute, hour, day, week, etc)
* SSL Secure User Login process
* VPN pass through (IPSec/PPTP/L2TP)
* 802.1x pass through

Plug-and-play Connectivity
The VSG-1200 V2 is an access server that recognizes new users on a network and re-routes all the different IP settings pre-configured on users' computers. By re-routing settings such as DHCP, DNS, and Proxy, in addition to a static or private IP, subscribers are able to gain access to the Internet without changing any settings. The VSG-1200 V2 also provides SMTP server re-direction, which helps users to send e-mail via the local SMTP server instead of the predetermined default server.

Secure Protection for Customer Login, Remote Access and Administration
In today's business environment, companies increasingly support VPN (Virtual Private Network) to facilitate secure remote access to local networks. The VSG-1200 V2 allows VPN ( PPTP, IPsec and L2TP) traffic pass through, allowing telecommuters and other personnel to safely access important or confidential information while traveling. The VSG-1200 V2 allows secure passing of authentication information through SSL encryption for both web-based administration and user login.

Flexible Authentication, Authorization and Accounting (AAA)
The VSG-1200 V2 supports both RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) and proprietary implementation to authenticate, authorize and record the Internet usage of customers. The RADIUS support gives service providers an easy way to manage and maintain a large group of subscribers over the Internet, while the built-in authentication server allows an administrator to control and authenticate a subscriber's access rights based on a login name and password. Internet usage can be easily charged by pre-defined billing plans (by either minute, hour, day or other options). With the PMS interface, the VSG-1200 V2 can easily provide information on the Internet usage of different customers to the existing property management system in a hotel application.

Global Roaming Support
Internet mobility has been greatly increased by subscription to roaming service offered by AIRPATH, BOINGO, IPASS, GRIC and others. With built-in RADIUS client, the VSG-1200 V2 exchanges AAA information with service providers' server, and thus enables global Internet roaming service

Easy Configuration and Management
System configuration of the VSG-1200 V2 can be saved and exported to a file that can be used for subsequent re-configuration or configuration of another VSG. The VSG-1200 V2 supports port mapping, which allows system administrators to remotely manage and configure devices with private IP address. The Web-based management interface of the VSG-1200 V2 offers an easy-to-use platform, independent management, and configuration options. The VSG-1200 V2 supports SNMP and MIBs, both of which can be managed via standard-based management software.

Additional Revenue Generation
The VSG-1200 V2 offers homepage redirection as well as multiple URL-link redirections for advertising options for service providers, hotels or property owners. The VSG-1200 V2 allows service providers or system administrators to create a "walled garden" where unauthenticated users can be granted free access to selected links.