ZyXEL XGS-4528F Stackable Gigabit Switch

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ZyXEL XGS-4528F Stackable Gigabit Switch

Premium 10G Aggregation Switch Secures Non-Stop Network Services

When Enterprise deployments need flexibility and speed in a stackable switch, they turn to ZyXEL's XGS4000 Series of Enterprise grade switches. Flexibility comes with the inclusion of 24 copper and 24 fiber shared ports, providing you with full flexibility across all 24 ports to run exactly the type of wiring you require. This flexibility saves time on installation and saves money by allowing you to reuse existing wiring as you see fit. High speed is provided by a 144Gbs switching capability, 12G uplink ports, and optional 10G uplinks provide enough bandwidth for the most demanding networks.

* 24 dual personality Gigabit ports for flexiblity
* Two built-in12G Stacking Interfaces for the fastest possible uplink
* 1 open slots for optional 2 10G Uplinks
* Multilayer-aware (L2/L3/L4) ACL for Security Protection and traffic optimization
* Port Security and Enhanced 802.1x Port Authentication
* Backup Power System Support to make sure your switch statys online

Unique 24 GbE Copper and Fiber connectivity in a 1U-height Design
Unlike competitor's offering of individual models for GbE copper and fiber connectivity, the leading architecture of XGS-4528F delivers 24 1000Base-T copper interfaces with standard RJ-45 connectors and 24 SFP slots in a 1U, 19" enclosure, this unique benefit gives network designers the highest flexibility and cost saving from equipment investment, network administration and maintenance.

Built-in Stacking Ports Eliminate Hidden Cost on Network Expansion
With the two high performance 12G stacking ports on back panel, over 10 units of XGS-4528F can be easily hard-stacked in a ring architecture, this feature makes XGS-4528F highly scalable and eases the network expansion and administration. Moreover, these two stacking ports come with every XGS-4528F unit, customers have no need to spend extra expense for buying stacking modules and stacking cables.

True Wirespeed L3 Switching for High Performance Network Each XGS-4528F provides 144Gbps switching capacity, wirespeed performance is delivered on all GbE copper/fiber ports within the stack, as well as stacking ports and optional 10G uplinks. Advanced L3 switching, multicasting, resiliency including OSPF, DVMRP, VRRP help deliver optimal performance for entire network.