ZyXEL ZyWALLUSG200 Unified Security Gateway

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ZyXEL ZyWALLUSG200 Unified Security Gateway

Network Security for Offices of up to 50 People

* Hybrid VPN, both SSL and IPSec VPNs supported for flexible deployment.
* Comprehensive threat protection with firewall, VPN, anti-virus, content filtering, anti-spam, Intrusion detection and prevention to secure front line threats.
* IM/P2P management can prevent P2P or Instant Messaging applications to increase productivity.
* Flexible security zone using VLAN technology to segregate local networks.
* User-aware policy engine can set bandwith or network access based on user login.
* Up to 3 WAN ports for load balancing and aggregation.
* The ICSA-certified, stateful inspection firewall protects the network and vital Internet services like e-mail, Web browsing, servers, and file transfers.
* For protection against viruses and spyware, choose the ICSA-certified ZyXEL Anti-Virus or one powered by Kaspersky Labs.
* The IDP engine protects your network from intrusions such as Trojans and worms.
* Use IPSec VPN to secure connections to branch offices, partners, and headquarters. Road warriors and telecommuters can use SSL or L2TP VPN to securely access the company network without having to install VPN software.
* Application Patrol controls who can use what IM and P2P applications like MSN and BitTorrent, and even who can use specific features within  an application.
* The anti-spam feature can tag or discard unsolicited commercial or junk e-mail.
* User-aware configuration lets you control access to applications or resources and apply security scans by user or user group.
* Bandwidth management lets you prioritize time-sensitive applications like VoIP and video conferencing.
* Multiple WAN ports let you use multiple ISP links and load balancing to enhance traffic. Throughput, optimize bandwidth usage, and help ensure continuous uptime if a link goes down.
* Along with your regular user name and password, use the ZyWALL OTP (One Time Password). hardware token to generate a new PIN code each time you log in.
* Use the extension card slot and USB ports for multiple 3G wireless WAN connections.

Network Connectivity
The seven Gigabit Ethernet ports include two WAN ports. The ZyWALL USG 200 OPT port can be used as another WAN,LAN,WLAN, or DMZ port.
The extension card slot lets you add an IEEE 802.11b/g wireless LAN or a 3G wireless WAN connection. There are also two USB ports you can use for 3G wireless WAN connections.