Asus M70Sa Notebook

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Asus M70Sa Notebook

World´s first notebook to team up 1TB Storage, WUXGA (1920x1200) and Blu-Ray playback for unprecedented AV enjoyment
Enjoy revolutionary entertainment on the go - Enjoy revolutionary entertainment on the go - M70Sa with Intel® Core™2 Duo processor in M70Sa enables breakthrough mobile performance, new high-definition capabilities and improved battery life.

Ready to receive HD in all its full glory is the new ASUS M70 notebook that provides a WUXGA widescreen with 1920x1200 pixels resolution and Blu-Ray support. Combined with cutting-edge audio technologies including built-in Altec Lansing Speakers and Dolby Home Theater, the M70 is supremely suited as a digital entertainment and productivity tool. In addition to the all-rounded AV features, the M70 is the world's first notebook to offer an ample storage of 1TB (2x 500GB). For unparalleled high definition enjoyment, the M70 is the one and only entertainment notebook choice that is big on visual, audio and storage!

ASUS AI Surround Technology Puts You in the Audio Sweet Spot
ASUS M70 is incorporated with AI Surround that dynamically processes, enhances and reproduces audio data by bringing together three leading technologies. The result is a sensational true-to-life listening enjoyment with on the go mobility.

High Definition Entertainment Enjoyment
To accommodate the increasing demand for high-definition data storage and true-to life image quality, ASUS M Series with Blu-Ray support provide a high definition AV experience.

Clearly a Bigger,Better Definition
The M70 displays HD content with full HD 1920 x 1200p resolution picture source delivers unmatched visual and audio quality.

High Definition Data Highway
With HDMI – the industry standard digital interface, a single cable will support standard, enhanced, or high-definition video and plus multi-channel digital audio while ensuring data integrity during transfers offering a smooth highway for HD contents to get from any device to your notebook for display!

Altec Lansing Speakers
Blending art with science, the Altec Lansing speakers deliver a moving listening experience that touches the heart and spirit of its audience.

Dolby Home Theater
Enjoy rich cinematic audio performance with Dolby sound systems that deliver sound with true-to-life surround power.

ASUS Total Video Communication
With three cutting-edge technologies – LifeFrame3, SmartLogon and Virtual Camera, ASUS offers you a complete solution to communicate wirelessly, making it easier for you to log on to your system, capture and edit images, and video conference with multiple parties in separate locations at the same time. Totally convenient and totally innovative – that's the ASUS way!

Solid Privacy Protection (optional)
The M series notebooks offer a smart balance of mobility and performance with comprehensive security feature. Data security is uncompromised with built-in fingerprint scanner that reads from the live layer of skin, preventing common skin surface conditions from impairing scanner accuracy. Embedded TPM is a hardware solution that helps to protect against attacks by hackers looking to capture passwords and encryption keys to sensitive data.

Big on Storage
For a seamless and continues high definition enjoyment, the M70 is the world's first notebook to offer an extravagant 1TB (2x 500GB) storage space. This significantly increases the amount of high definition data that the notebook holds up to 285,000 digital photos, 25,000 songs or 120 hours of HD movies*!

*Photos taken with a 6 megapixel camera; 3.5MB per photo Music based on 4 minutes per song; uncompressed CD quality HD video at 720p or 1080i video output and 8.3GB per hour recording rate; also depends on the compaction ratio of each region

Long Lasting Battery Life
Mobility is further fueled with extended battery life that empowers better productivity. ASUS Power4 Gear eXtreme power management extends battery life up to 20-30%, providing reliable and continuous operation.