Asus R50A Mini Notebook

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Asus R50A Mini Notebook

Performance on the move hits new heights with the ASUS R50A. Weighing a nominal 520g, with a 5.6" LCD screen and at about the size of a passport wallet, the R50A is an secure and powerful mini-notebook with priceless portability and communication capabilities (such as WiFi and HSDPA 3.5G). The R50A is loaded with powerful features, fully enabling global communications, travelling and entertainment in any landscape across the world. With a built-in Premier GPS device, real-time navigation has never been so easy. Together with ASUS Photo Navigator, pictures can be documented along the roads travelled. So wherever you venture, the R50A offers the power, portability and performance to meet the demands of living and competing in the global market place.

Compact Mobility
Break free from constraints and get working and playing anywhere with the R50A. Featuring all the power and functionality of a notebook, this mini powerhouse weighs in at a cool 520g and enables easy access to the Internet via its full connectivity features. With a Sun Read touchscreen, sharp and clear images are guaranteed whether working outdoors in the sun's rays or in brightly lit offices. With a built-in camera, live video communication with friends and family is hassle free anytime!

Entertainment on the Go
Take some time out whilst on the road with the R50A's on-board entertainment. With the built-in mobile theater and optional TV tuner, you can catch your favorite TV programs and with Microsoft MCE you can listen to the latest sounds and indulge in your favorite movie. The wide screen enhances the visual experience, enabling the luxury of portable entertainment on your travels.

Navigate and Catch Great Memories
The R50A enables the adventurer to freely work and roam across any environment, from the chaos of the city to the drama of the desert and the magic of the mountains. All you need to do is slip the R50A out of the pocket and onto the dashboard to receive immediate details on how to reach your destination. With its great power and portability, you can work in 'real time' anywhere. Document and share your journeys with the ASUS Photo Navigator where images can be captured with a 2 mega pixel, auto focus outward camera, recorded and fully documented with location information, giving your friends an intimate sense of your journey.

Security at your Fingertips
Making use of one of a human being's most unique modes of identification, the R50A protects your data with a fingerprint scanner. It utilizes a sophisticated pattern-matching technology and reads directly off the layer of skin on the finger – making it almost impossible to breach. With such security, you can rest assured of full protection, all the time.