Compaq 515 Notebook

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Compaq 515 Notebook

Affordable Mobility. Gain exceptional business value with AMD Business Class Solutions, 14.0-inch HD display, optional 2 MP Webcam and Wi-Fi Certified WLAN options, all at a price that’s sure to impress.

More than you bargained for:
The Compaq 515 Notebook PC helps keep your business connected and productive without breaking your budget.
With the new 14.0-inch diagonal LED-backlit high-definition display you get improved brightness, contrast and clarity from your notebook’s screen so images appear more vivid. The new HD display makes viewing similar to many HDTVs.

Productivity on the move:
The Compaq 515 is equipped with AMD Processing Technology and ATI Radeon HD 3200 integrated graphics that delivers more realistic 3D graphics performance and full high definition video playback.
You can experience video conferencing and other multi-media content with no additional hardware or software to buy or carry with the optional integrated 2 MP Webcam, integrated microphone and Wi-Fi Certified WLAN.

The Compaq 515 features a secure hard drive mounting method called DriveGuard that helps reduce shock to your hard drive, so your important data is better protected.
The DriveLock security feature prevents unauthorized access to hard drive in the event that the notebook is lost or stolen.
When it’s time to redeploy your notebook, you can permanently remove all information stored on the hard drive to protect your company’s valuable data with Disk Sanitizer.
Fast Charge technology recharges your notebook battery to 90% within 90 minutes to get you back to business faster.

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