Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop

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Dell Studio XPS 13 Laptop

Blending power with elegance, the Studio XPS 13 is designed to deliver the ultimate mobile laptop experience.

* Premium design with genuine leather accents, anodized aluminum, "edge-to-edge" display and backlit keyboard
* The latest Intel®  Core™2 Duo processors for blazing fast performance
* Optional NVIDIA®  Hybrid SLI graphics deliver incredibly lifelike videos, movies and gaming
* Automated hi-def up-conversion allows you to watch all your DVD movies in brilliant HD

The premium package
It's in the smooth contours of the obsidian black or Merlot Red finish, the genuine leather, aluminum accents and magnesium alloy enclosure. With every detail, the Studio XPS 13 gives you the sense that you're using something truly special.

Simply luminescent
The Studio XPS 13 shines a light on features that matter. Its backlit keyboard and touch pad buttons are easy to use, day or night. Capacitive multimedia buttons also glow white when activated.

Clean and classic
The Studio XPS line is a mobile design statement, engineered for excellence from every angle. Your eye is drawn to the premium, authentic materials, clean curves and beautiful "edge-to-edge" display. From the textured touch pad to the exceptional fit of the custom ports, the XPS 13 conveys quality and refinement. Even underneath, there are symmetrically aligned screws securing the XPS-vented "hood" to an aircraft-inspired, single-body chassis — making it both beautiful and strong. The Studio XPS line is all about form and function everywhere you look.

Eye-popping graphics
The optional NVIDIA®  Hybrid SLI®  combines two powerful GPUs to create amazing graphics performance and stunning visuals. Watch hi-def content, DVD movies and play games with fluid movements, vivid special effects and cinematic realism. Hybrid SLI also helps eliminate the performance notebook battery life compromise by providing enhanced graphics performance when you need it and longer battery life when you don't.

Enhanced movies and videos
The Studio XPS 13 keeps you entertained with an HD widescreen display. Connect to your HDTV through the HDMI port for an intense home theater experience. Traditional DVDs are upconverted to display with incredible quality, so your favorite movies look better than ever.

Distinctive display
For an incredible viewing experience, look no further than the 13.3" multimedia display of the Studio XPS 13. The crisp resolution makes colors more vibrant and lifelike. With up to a 100-degree viewing angle, you can also easily share movies and photos with family and friends.

Premium sound
The Studio XPS 13 comes with premium speakers for superb sound quality. Or use the HDMI port to connect to your home theater system for 5.1 Dolby®  Digital surround sound.


Processors: Intel®  Core™2 Duo P9500 (2.53GHz, 3MB L2 Cache, 1067MHz FSB) / Intel®  Core™2 Duo P8600 (2.4GHz, 3MB L2 Cache, 1067MHz FSB) / Intel®  Core™2 Duo P8400 (2.2GHz, 3MB L2 Cache, 1067MHz FSB)
Operating System: Genuine Windows Vista®  Ultimate x64 Edition / Genuine Windows Vista®  Home Premium x64 Edition
Memory: Up to 8GB4 1067MHz DDR3 SDRAM.
Chipset: NVIDIA®  MCP79MX
Graphics: NVIDIA®  GeForce®  9400M G / NVIDIA®  GeForce®  9500M - 256MB
LCD Display: "Edge-to-edge" Glossy 13.3 inch WXGA CCFL LCD display / "Edge-to-edge" Glossy 13.3 inch WXGA WLED LCD display
Audio and Speakers: 4 Watt Integrated Stereo Speakers, 2 watts per channel, 2 channels
Hard Drives: Up to 500GB configured with a 5400RPM hard drive. Up to 320GB configured with a 7200RPM hard drive. Up to 128GB configured with a Solid State drive.

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