HP 4410t Mobile Thin Client Notebook

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HP 4410t Mobile Thin Client Notebook

Go Mobile. Go Thin. The HP 4410t Mobile Thin Client provides enhanced security access to server-based computing and reduces IT workload, while still providing the mobility of a reliable notebook.

Enhanced Security:
By design, server-based computing provides increased protection of data by allowing you to store files on your secure, centralized server. If the device gets stolen or lost, none of the company's data is stored on the thin client, minimizing risks.
Choice of File Based Write Filter or Enhanced Write Filter. FBWF adds additional flexibility by providing the same data protection benefits of EWF while allowing administrators to save specific files, folders, and configuration settings.
The optional HP Privacy Filter narrows the viewing angle of your notebook display so that people on either side see a dark, blank screen. It fits perfectly and removes easily without requiring sticky tabs, Velcro or special fittings.

Increased Reliability:
With fewer moving parts, the HP 4410t can provide higher reliability, lower ownership costs, and extended product life.
Solid State Modules (SSMs) are based on flash memory and offer several benefits: faster data access (including boot up time), longer battery run time, quieter and cooler operation, and more durability.
The spill-resistant keyboard helps protect sensitive electronics and key components from minor spills that might otherwise cause system failure with this thin layer of Mylar film under the keyboard.

Simplify IT Operations:
IT managers can upgrade users quickly and inexpensively by updating application software hosted on servers, not clients. This helps to minimize the workload for IT staff so your technical support costs can be greatly reduced.
Choose from several included manageability solutions based on your business needs, such as HP ThinState Tools, HP Device Manager, HP Client Automation or Altiris Deployment Solution.

Stay Connected:
With Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ WLAN, you can send and receive e-mails or access the internet – at work, at home and at your favorite hotspots.
Smart New Design – refined simplicity with a clean design that combines function and style with a starting weight of 4.3 lb /1.9kg with a 14-inch diagonal widescreen, mercury-free LED display

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