HP Mini 1000 Mi series Notebook PC

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HP Mini 1000 Mi series Notebook PC

Want a cool HP netbook tailored for the Web and entertainment? Consider our Mini 1000 Mi Edition. It uses the same sleek, lightweight industrial design as the Mini 1000 XP, but runs on our new Mobile internet (Mi) software.

The advantage of Mobile internet software
Mobile internet is a user-friendly, all-inclusive interface built on Linux. It offers everything you want with just one click. Using this intuitive software, you can access e-mail, the Internet, photos, music, and video, and faster and more easily than ever before.
Please note: the Linux command line interface is disabled on this edition.

Simplify your life
Bring the Web and your favorite content to your fingertips, and connect with more people in more places while you're on the go. With the Mini 1000 Mi Edition, you'll get:
* Easy access to information, communication, and entertainment via the Internet
* Your favorite music and photos close at hand
* Communication and social networking via built-in webcam/microphone and wireless-G
* Simple, affordable Web access via Intel's Atom processor
* Up to 2GB of system memory for best performance
* Scalability and flexibility via hard drive options—8GB or 16GB SSD, or 60GB HDD
* Up to 8GB of extra storage (via the HP Mini Mobile Drive when you select an SSD hard drive; the Mini Mobile Drive is housed in the Mini)
* Bluetooth (optional)
* Integrated high-definition audio

Comfort and functionality
There's no need to sacrifice comfort in order to get the convenience of a lightweight netbook. You can:
* Surf the Web without eye strain via the spacious 8.9' (diagonal) widescreen, or upgrade to a 10.1" (diagonal) display with flush glass
* Send e-mail and instant messages with the nearly full sized keyboard (92% of standard size)
* Easily transfer data to and from other devices via two USB ports
* Add an external USB optical drive for loading software

Sleek, ultra-lightweight design
This compact device is so small that you can carry it in your briefcase or bag, or even in your hand. The Mini 1000 Mi is:
* Stylish and alluring, with our rich, onyx-toned "Swirl" Imprint design
* Super slim and lightweight—just 2.25 lb. to start
* Less than an inch thick
* ENERGY STAR® qualified

Quality software, security, and support
Our Mini 1000 Mi is backed by a one-year hardware warranty and a year of 24 x 7 service and support. In addition, you get open source software, including:
* Web browser
* Thunderbird for e-mail
* Pidgin for instant messaging
* OpenOffice for word processing, spreadsheets, and presentations
* HP MediaStyle (powered by Elisa) for music and movie player
* Cheese for webcam

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