HP ProBook 4710s Notebook

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HP ProBook 4710s Notebook

Business on the Big Screen. Designed for small business professionals who want a stylish, affordable, 17.3-inch diagonal notebook with enhanced graphics, separate numeric keypad and a very large display to work on big documents and spreadsheets.

Sleek design:
Our standard series (s-series) notebook PCs deliver refined simplicity in a clean design that offers both function and style. A sleek design with a glossy Noir (black) finish lets you stand out from the crowd.
The new keyboard is made out of single part with keys raised from the surface underneath, leaving fewer places for dirt and dust to settle.

Security – Built to protect:
HP ensures your information has enhanced protection with a broad range of customizable security solutions such as HP ProtectTools to help protect your data, manage your passwords and secure your system.
Drive Encryption for HP ProtectTools encodes all information on your hard drive so that your sensitive information is unreadable to an unauthorized person if your notebook is lost or stolen.
HP Disk Sanitizer permanently destroys data on your hard drive in preparation for your system disposal/redeployment. Once executed, data cannot be easily recovered even with advanced data recovery tools.

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