Lenovo 40Y7676 ThinkPad Adjustable Notebook Stand

Lenovo Updated: 2008-12-24 RSS
Lenovo 40Y7676 ThinkPad Adjustable Notebook Stand

Now you can take full advantage of your ThinkPad's integrated display! Designed with your comfort and productivity in mind, the ThinkPad Adjustable Notebook Stand elevates your notebook to four different height levels so you can position the display as desired. Use the stand with your ThinkPad only, or attach the ThinkPad Advanced Mini Dock or ThinkPad Essential Port Replicator for a complete desktop expansion solution. The ThinkPad Adjustable Notebook Stand is ideal for multi-monitoring. Position it alongside a ThinkVision monitor so you can utilize both the integrated display and an external monitor simultaneously.

Features and Benefits:

* Four different height levels to help position the display at eye level for improved comfort or help equal the level of the ThinkPad display when multi-monitoring

* And it's backed by a Warranty by Lenovo with renowned Service and Support available from IBM