Motorola ML910 Rugged Notebook

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Motorola ML910 Rugged Notebook

The ML910™ Rugged Notebook is designed to meet the requirements of military and public safety users and built to excel in tough environments.

This rugged notebook continues the Motorola heritage of leadership in wireless communications. Optional built-in modules allow you to connect to private or public data networks without the use of fragile external cards. An innovative antenna design means your ML910 notebook will stay connected even where other notebooks get only static.

Along with the power to handle the most demanding applications, the ML910 Rugged Notebook features the first 13.3" widescreen display providing higher resolution and more space to view multiple applications than other rugged notebooks in its class.

The advanced Motorola ML910™ Rugged Notebook. The leading provider of rugged devices and wireless networking combines both areas of strength into one wireless-enabled, fully-rugged notebook computer. Designed to stand up to any environment, the ML910™ Rugged Notebook is built and tested to exceed U.S. military standard MIL-STD-810F– the toughest of tough, so you can be sure information is available when you need it most.

More Power
* Intel® Core™ Duo 1.66GHz processor with 667MHz front side bus
* Dedicated ATI Mobility™ Radeon® x1400 graphics processor with128MB dedicated video memory providing the fastest updates and real-time video information to your display

More Visual
* First 13.3" widescreen display for rugged notebooks, with higher resolution than other rugged laptops for more space to view multiple applications
* Also added – ATI graphics processor with128MB dedicated video memory for high performance graphics plus a video capture card to interface with mobile video applications
* See better with display resolution of standard 500NITs to provide true viewing clarity, even in direct sunlight.

More Intelligent
* Optimized by design for wireless usage first
* Experience the best RF antenna performance that only Motorola can provide with over 75 years of wireless networking expertise
* Receive coverage even in low and remote spots

More Security
* Additional security options have been added to protect your department or agencies information from illegal intrusion
* TPM v1.2 security, 500+ DPI Fingerprint Scan Security

The ML910™ Rugged Notebook is a full-performance computing platform with flexible options including sunlight-readable display, backlit keyboards, and integrated GPS receiver, and multiple integrated radios.

Embedded network capabilities offer multiple wireless connectivity options that enable you to send and receive vital data so you can increase situational awareness and strategize effective response with mission critical video and information.

ML910™ Rugged Notebook Features:

* Dedicated Video Processor and Memory for faster screen updates
* High Bright 500 NIT Screen for improved readability in daylight
* Low TCO
* Designed for embedded wireless
* Integrated security features, including Secure Card, TPM version 1.2, and integrated 500 DPI+ Fingerprint Scanner
* Fully Rugged
* Can tolerate sand, water, and dust
* Indoor/Outdoor capability
* Integrated with Motorola Private DataTAC Networks
* 30% more pixels than standard 4:3 13.3" screen
* Motorola Service and Support
* Motorola designs and implements to integrate with private networks and key applications
* Motorola offers fingerprint authentication as a standard feature (a first in the fully-rugged category of mobile notebooks)