Epson IM-700 POS Terminal

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Epson IM-700 POS Terminal

Epson's IM-700 all-in-one POS terminal delivers performance and flexibility in a sleek, space-saving design. It features the industry's smallest footprint, large touch-screen monitor, your choice of Intel processors and Epson printers and more. With its modular design, the IM-700 can be customized with the options retailers need most.

Product Features

* Choice of Pentium® M or Celeron® M processors
* Choice of 12.1" or 15" LCD touch-screen monitor
* Integrated, high-quality TM-T88 series printer
* Option to externally connect any Epson TM printer
* Pull-out tray for fast and easy system maintenance
* Wireless LAN card option
* Built-in diagnostics to simplify service

IM-700 POS Terminal

CPU: Intel® Pentium® M - 1.8GHz
Intel® Celeron® M - 1.3GHz
Interfaces: Ethernet, Serial, Parallel, USB
Dimensions: 250mm (W) x 300mm (D) x 260mm (H); 9.8" (W) x 11.8" (D) x 10.2" (H) (only the base unit, inclusive of rear cover)
Case Color: Epson Dark Gray

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