Toshiba TEC ST-7000 Modular POS Terminal

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-12
Toshiba TEC ST-7000 Modular POS Terminal

The ST-7000 integrates power and ultimate connectivity into a very small footprint to optimize selling space.

Its robust and versatile design makes the ST-7000 the POS System of choice for discerning retailers.

High Performance Retail Advantage
The ST-7000 is a POS System Terminal that utilizes the latest technology. The high-performance POS System Terminal offers a real advantage to all types of retail outlets in the increasingly competitive marketplace.

Speed & Performance
This POS control unit excels by increasing throughput while lessening manual processing of registered data especially in the face of staggering amounts of transactions.
It is an absolutely reliable powerhouse behind the front end, promising benefits to store management that would have seemed impossible only a few years ago.

To Make Use of Existing Assets
Nevertheless we have found still more ways to increase its functionality. In this newest POS technical innovation, rather than offering equipment with a short life cycle, we have designed the ST-7000 so that the engine-board can be upgraded in the same cabinet, so the unit can continue to be used for years to come. Also, it is compatible with Legacy Interface, which means the retail customer can make the most of software assets available now and in the future.

Easy Maintenance
To reduce the total cost for retailers in respect to daily service, the unit is designed to allow easy maintenance. Potential overheating and interruptions can be prevented by confirming the CPU's surface temperature display and the CPU fan speed. Also, by releasing the front panel's security lock, it becomes possible to easily replace the HDD or the UPS from the front. As well, the number of screws has been reduced to permit easy removal or installation of the engine board.

Equipped with Powered USB
Still another new feature is "Powered USB," which makes it possible to connect a range of peripheral devices to the unit. The optional dual-display feature attractively displays commercial messages and images, as well as store notices and event information for shoppers.