Toshiba TRST-A10 Thermal POS Printer

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Toshiba TRST-A10 Thermal POS Printer

The TOSHIBA TRST-A10 thermal POS printer is designed to operate in all hospitality and retail environments. The TRST-A10, delivering high-speed printing at a low noise level, comes at an extremely competitive price and is packed with innovative user-friendly features.

High Speed 2 Color Thermal Printing

At 8.5 inches per second the Toshiba TRST-A10 single side thermal printer delivers fast and clear print–out for high volume environments.
Extreme Reliability

The TRST-A10 printer offers extremely high reliability with mean characters before failure rate of 52 million lines of print, and mean time before failure rate of the PC board of a record-breaking 600,000 hours. The unique cover release system on the TRST-A10 protects the top cover from breaking in the event of accidental removal; it can easily click back into place.

Flexible Interface

The choice between USB, Serial, or Parallel interfaces enables the TRST-A10 to connect to legacy systems as well as keeping all options open for future hardware or software upgrades. With Windows and OPOS Drivers provided by Toshiba TEC, as well as ESC/POS command code compatibility, the TRST-A10 can be smoothly

Easy drop-in paper loading

The unique cover release system on the TRST-A10 protects the top cover from breaking. In the event of accidental removal of the top cover, it can manually click back in place. Easily accessible parts for simple maintenance

Paper Suppliers

Two-sided thermal printer paper is available in a Black/Blue, Black/Red, and Black/Black combination. For availability and pricing information, please call Blue Star directly.

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