D-Link DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player

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D-Link DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player

Experience the stunning picture quality of High-Definition (HD) video and crystal clear sound clarity of digital audio with the D-Link® MediaLounge™ Wireless HD Media Player (DSM-520). With the DSM-520, you can sit in the comfort of your living room along with friends and family and enjoy media content available on a networked PC or Network Attached Storage (NAS) on your big-screen TV and sound system. The DSM-520 enables streaming of videos, music, and photos over a wireless 802.11g or wired Ethernet connection (a wired network is recommended for optimal video streaming). In addition, the DSM-520 provides a USB 2.0 port in the front panel for instant access to media stored on removable USB flash drives.

The DSM-520 is optimized for HD picture and digital audio quality with the built-in High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port. Connect the DSM-520 to your HDTV using the HDMI connection and enjoy the clarity of digital audio and sharp picture quality with resolutions of up to 1080i (HDMI cable sold separately). Other video connectors include component video, S-video, and composite (RCA) output, ensuring compatibility with virtually all television sets. The DSM-520 also supports coax and optical digital audio output for delivering high fidelity digital surround sound. In addition, the DSM-520 supports popular media formats, including HD video in either Windows Media® Video 9 or MPEG-4 format. And with support for Windows® Media Player 11, files protected by Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM) can be streamed from your PC to your entertainment center.

Thousands of online videos are now just a remote-click away with Active-TV ONLINE*. This new feature in the DSM-520 enables access to TV programs, movies, video clips, and podcasts available on the Internet so that you can watch them on your TV. It includes free, subscription, and fee-based online sources such as YouTube, Google Video, Yahoo!, ESPN, Fox Sports, MTV, VH1, Movielink, and much more*. You can also make bids on eBay from your TV. With Active-TV ONLINE, you can watch thousands of new videos arriving all the time at your convenience. Simply update the firmware on your DSM-520 and install the active-TV ONLINE software on your PC.

Note: Active-TV ONLINE is available with Firmware version 1.05 or later (available via the DSM-520's automatic firmware update feature). It also requires installation of Active-TV ONLINE software on a networked PC, which is available at D-Link Tech Support site. Active-TV ONLINE Internet channels may differ in appearance from those viewed on a PC. D-Link has no control over viewable content, some of which may be considered obscene or offensive. This product is not endorsed or sponsored by any of the entities or services referenced herein. Includes free, subscription and fee-based channels, the number and availability of which are subject to change without notice.

Setting up the DSM-520 is simple and, with support for Windows® Connect Now, configuring the wireless settings is easier than ever before. Simply run the Wireless Network Setup Wizard from a PC running Windows Vista® or Windows® XP Service Pack 2 and transfer the wireless settings to the DSM-520 using a USB flash drive.

Convert your video files into NeroDigital™ format for the ultimate playback experience
The D-Link MediaLounge Wireless HD Media Player (DSM-520) blends incredible picture quality of HD and access to thousands of online videos at your fingertips to deliver the ultimate digital media experience to your HD home entertainment center.


* Wireless 802.11g or Wired Ethernet Connectivity
* Directly Access Media from a USB Flash Drive or USB Hard Drive
* Supports Most Popular File Formats
* HDMI, Component, S-Video, and Composite Video Outputs
* Coax Digital, Optical Digital and Composite Analog Audio Outputs
* One-touch Preset Keys for Instant Access to Your Favorite Music
* One-touch Audio/Video Seek in 10% Increments
* Displays Available Album Art
* Intuitive Animated TV Interface
* Setup Wizard for Easy Configuration
* Built-in Screensaver