JVC XL-V282BK CD Player

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JVC XL-V282BK CD Player

This single disc CD player offers great sound thanks to it's JVC exclusive 1 bit P.E.M. D/D Converter. It also has smart random play and comes with a full function remote.


* 1-bit P.E.M. D.D. Converter with VANS (JVC Advanced Noise Shaper) and fine pulse interface
* 8-times oversampling digital filter
* Program play of up to 32 'steps' (tracks and discs)
* 15 - track program chart
* Play Modes: Program, Smart Random
* 4-way repeat:: all tracks, single track, programmed tracks, and random play
* Auto and Manual Search
* Remote with numeric pad
* Resume function
* 2 Enhanced COMPU LINK Control System jacks
* 2-way edit function (auto & programmed)
* 1 Year parts and labor warranty

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