JVC XU-301 MD CD Combination Deck

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JVC XU-301 MD CD Combination Deck

The JVC XU301 is a full function digital recording studio in a single component. It is built around a 3-Disc, Triple-Tray CD Changer and a companion Mini Disc Recorder. Text Compu Link displays titles from the CD or MD sections on a matching JVC A/V Receiver and allows automatic copying of title information from CD to MD. A timer is available for unattended playback or recording.


* MD Deck & Triple Tray CD Changer
* Line Out
* Line In
* Jog Dial for easy operation. Headphone output with volume control
* MD program /Random/Repeat play. 20-track program chart. CD rec-start recording. Auto/manual track marking
* 3-CD triple-tray changer and MD recorder
* 1-bit D/A converter (CD), 1-bit D/A and A/D converters (MD)
* CD to MD syncro Rec: One touch and 1st track record. 27 genre categories, Title memory
* Program play of up to 32 tracks
* 20 - track program chart
* Single MD Player/recorder
* 5-Mode MD editing (Title/Divide/Join/Move/Erase). Title input during record or playback. Record mixing: CD/Line, Line/Mic, Mic/CD
* MD: 1 bit D/A and A/D converters
* MD Sampling Rate Converter (32kHz/44.1kHz/48kHz)
* 2-Text COMPU LINK jacks
* Enhanced COMPU LINK Control System
* Timer (Daily Play/Rec and "Once" Play/Rec).
* CD Text.
* Full -Function keyboard remote with title input and dual IR blasters
* Optical Digital Input
* Optical Digital Output
* 1 Year parts and labor warranty
* Weight: 13.6 lbs
* Width: 19.5"
* Height: 7.6"

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