Pioneer PD-65 Single CD Player

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Pioneer PD-65 Single CD Player

Single Play Compact Disc Player

* Urushi Finish with Wood Side Panels
* Stable Platter Mechanism
* 1-Bit DLC with Twin High-Speed & High-Density Pulseflow D/A Converters
* Legato Link Conversion
* Center-Tray Mechanism
* Class-A FET Buffer Amplifier
* Twin Transformers for Analog and Digital Circuitry
* Direct Connection
* Display Off Switch
* CD-Deck Synchro
* Full-Function SR Remote Control
* Index Search
* 5-Mode Repeat
* Direct Track Access (on Remote)
* 24 Track Program Play
* Time Location
* 2-Mode Random Play
* Anti-Resonance and Anti-Vibration Designs
* Optical and Coaxial Digital Outputs with Select Switch