Pioneer PD-F407 25 Disc CD Player

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Pioneer PD-F407 25 Disc CD Player

Throwing a '60's party? Load 25 of your Hendrix, The Who, Country Joe, and Santana CD's into the PD-F407 and hit Random Play. If you just can't get enough of Santana, put that CD into Repeat Mode. To locate a specific Country Joe and the Fish song, use Hi-Lite Scan. See? The 60's were a lot of fun.

Disc Capacity: 25

Convenience Features
"Custom Mode" Functions: 3
Best Selection Memory: 15 Track
Previous Disc Scan: 15 Disc
Memory Hold: Yes
Last Disc Memory: Yes
Program Total Time Display: Yes
Programmed Play (Tracks/Discs): 32

Performance Features
Low-Noise/Low Loss Laser Pickup: Yes
1 Bit D/A Converter: Yes

Playback Options
Random Play Modes: (3) Single Disc, All Discs, "Custom Mode" Discs
Repeat Modes: 7 Modes
Hi-Light Scan: Yes

Parts and Labor: 1 year

Dimensions (inches): H 7-5/8, W 16-9/16, D 12-5/16