Polk Audio HDX3 HD Radio/CD Player

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Polk Audio HDX3 HD Radio/CD Player

The HDX3 is a compact, executive 3-piece system that brings you all the benefits of HD Radio. The console features a digital HD Radio tuner, conventional analog tuner and a CD player. The detached speakers produce classic Polk Audio sound- open, spacious and clear. 5 selectable equalization settings allow you to customize the tone. The HDX3 works great for an office, bedroom, living room or anywhere else you want great Polk sound. It's the best sounding compact HD Radio/CD player in its class!

HDX3 Features

* HD Radio including:
o Static-free, crystal clear reception for music the way it was meant to be enjoyed, without the hiss and pops.
o Enjoy CD-quality sound on HD FM stations and FM-quality sound on HD AM stations.
o Metadata capable so that artist name, song title, and information like weather and school closings can scroll across the display.
o Multicasting the ability to broadcast multiple programs over one radio frequency allows you more listening options from a greater variety of programming.
* Built-in CD player plays your favorite music CDs.
* Detached 2-way speakers Featuring high definition two 5-1/4" drivers with rear port and two 3/4-inch Soft Dome Tweeters deliver the classic Polk Audio sound. Because they're separate from the radio/CD unit, the speakers offer more placement options then units with built on speakers.
* Sound Optimization EQ - Rock, Jazz, Classical, Speech and Normal settings make your favorite music sound its best.
* Remote Control puts all HDX3 controls at your fingertips.
* Radio Station Memory Presets enable you to recall your favorite radio stations at the touch of a button. 24 total presets are possible (12 AM, 12 FM).
* Easy-to-read Display includes clock, station frequency and station number readouts. For HD Radio broadcasts, song title and artist name appears.
* Headphone Output mutes speakers and provides private listening.
* AUX Input allows you to connect any external audio source such as an iPod or other MP3 player, computer, DVD player, etc.
* AUX Output is controlled by system volume for connection to other audio devices such as powered smallwoofers.

HDX3 Console: 11-1/4"W x 10.0"D x 4-3/4"H
Speaker Cabinets: 6.0"W x 10.0"D x 7-3/4"H