Roland MT-90S Music Player

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Roland MT-90S Music Player

Increasing the widespread use of interactive music files, the MT-90S Music Player is a Standard MIDI File-based Music Tutor which features a new compact design and backlit LCD. Its easy operation and unbelievably low price makes it easy for all music learners, educators and performers to learn, teach and play with interactive music disks.

* Compact, affordable music player with built-in speaker and GM2/GS-compatible sound source
* Plays back Standard MIDI File (SMF) disks via internal floppy drive
* Front-panel icons for simple operation; portable, lightweight design
* Backlit LCD displays song title, tempo and lyrics of compatible SMF disks
* Microphone input with echo effect for vocal lessons/karaoke performance
* Intro Countdown gives singers a countdown before song melody begins

Plays Back Standard MIDI Files
Using the internal 3.5-inch disk drive, the MT-90S can load commercially available Standard MIDI File disks and play them back through the internal speaker. Song data can then be played back at any tempo including part mute capability. A high-quality GM2/GS sound engine provides realistic instrument sounds that make practice and performance fun.

Portable and Easy To Use
The MT-90S features icon-based buttons and a user-friendly 16x2 character backlit LCD, making common operations such as playing songs, muting parts, or changing tempo and musical key as easy as using a metronome. Lightweight design and a built-in grip handle make it possible to practice virtually anywhere.

SMF Lyric Display
When used with compatible disks, the new backlit LCD can display SMF song lyrics in real time. And by connecting a microphone, you can transform the MT-90S into an instant karaoke machine complete with a built-in echo effect.