Sanyo CDP-M451 Personal CD/MP3 Player

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-21
Sanyo CDP-M451 Personal CD/MP3 Player

Anti-Skip/Anti-Roll Technology

Anti-roll & anti-skip for 40-second (120-second for MP3) vertical and lateral protection... From Sanyo, the inventor of anti-skip technology l

MP3 Player
Artist/title display
Various programming
AM/FM digital tuner with 5 FM/5AM presets
Dot matrix LCD display
20-selection conventional CD programming
Repeat/Intro/Random play
1-bit D/A converter
Volume control
Line out jack
Stereo neckphones included
Uses 2 AA batteries (not included) or external DC power source (not included)
132 x 29 x 143 mm (w x h x d)