Sony SEP-30BT Rolly Sound Entertainment Player

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Sony SEP-30BT Rolly Sound Entertainment Player

The Rolly™ Sound Entertainment Player is truly multi-faceted. It plays music. It dances. It's an expression of your personality and how you hear your music. At its core, the Rolly Sound Entertainment Player is a robotic device that plays back music and can be programmed to dance to any of the music uploaded to it. In addition, it is a fun device to discover. Rather than looking at a screen to play music, there are different motions that you use to change the song, raise the volume and make it dance. With its Bluetooth® capability you can play music wirelessly from other devices such as your mobile phone or PC. Also available in white.

Bluetooth Audio Streaming
Stream music from your PC directly to the Rolly for your listening enjoyment.

Up to 5 hours Music Playback
The internal battery provides up to 5 hours continuous music or 4 hours of music and motion playback for your enjoyment.

MP3 and AAC Playback and Support
Supports playback of MP3 and AAC files.

2GB Built-in Memory
Store up to 515 songs on your Rolly.

Motion Share
Share motions you created with others via the Internet. Upload motions you created and download motions that others created using the Rolly Choregrapher Ver. 1.0 software.

Shuffle Play
Switch the play mode from normal to shuffle just by shaking the Rolly several times when the side light is orange

Customized Motion
With the Rolly Choreographer Ver. 1.0 software create your own motions and share them with friends online.

Auto Motion
The Rolly Choreographer Ver. 1.0 software will automatically analyze the song and create motion based on the music.

Self Motion
Rolly analyzes the music and creates motion automatically when no motion is programmed into it.

180 Degree Horizontal Opposed/Baffle Effect
Play music without losing sound quality because of the directional characteristics that convey the shape of sound by using the reflection of the ground.

Soft Dome Speaker with Neodymium Magnet
Creates high quality music playback.

Digital Amplifier
Plays music with low power, high output and high quality