Yamaha CD-S1000 Natural Sound Super Audio CD Player

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Yamaha CD-S1000 Natural Sound Super Audio CD Player

Yamaha Creates an Ultra High Quality Super Audio CD Player for True Music Enthusiasts. The CD-S1000 is an ultra high precision, Super Audio CD player that inherits the high sound quality design of the CD-S2000.

CD-S1000 Natural Sound Super Audio CD Player

HiFi Began with Yamaha...
Yamaha's involvement with and passion for music goes back more than a century, to when we built our first reed organ in 1887. Now we are the world's leading producer of pianos and other musical instruments, and are involved with music in many other ways as well. We manufacture professional recording equipment, we design concert halls and we assist artists at concerts with set up and sound tuning. This knowledge and experience benefits our production of audio components in many ways. We introduced our first HiFi (High Fidelity) turntable in 1954, becoming the first company to actually use the term "HiFi." Thereafter we were one of the first to offer mass-produced, high quality audio equipment, and introduced many legendary stereo components. We hope you enjoy the genuine HiFi experience of Yamaha Natural Sound.


* Designed, Built and Tuned for Truly Exceptional Music Reproduction Performance
* Differential D/A Converters
* Silent Loader and High Precision CD Drive
* Fully Balanced Control Amp
* Four-Part Power Supply with Independent Structure
* Pure Direct Circuitry
* Specially Designed Feet
* Super Sound from Super Audio CDs