Asus MyPal A600 PDA

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Asus MyPal A600 PDA

The MyPal A600 coming at a nimble 75mmx125mmx12.8mm aluminum-alloy casing puts the "pocket" in the term "Pocket PC". Combined with an advanced battery design allowing 15 hours of continuous operation (ASUS Smart Power Saving), the MyPal A600 is small, light and convenient enough to truly fit the meaning of handheld computing.

To succeed in the current Internet-driven economy, a mobile office is essential. The MyPal A600 PDA, supporting Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 OS, provides office applications such as Pocket Outlook, Pocket Word and Pocket Excel, enabling today's corporate professionals to enjoy office conveniences even at a remote location.

Can't afford to lose contact even for a few minutes? If that's the case then the MyPal A600 is the natural solution. Through a C/F card adaptor, the A600 delivers both wired and wireless network access, allowing users to surf the net, shop online and send e-mail anywhere, anytime.

No need to worry about getting bored, because the MyPal A600 is your ideal travel companion. The A600 bundles a wide-range of entertainment software that supports 3D games, MP3 files and video applications for a true mobile recreation experience.

The MyPal A600 bridges the future by incorporating the most advanced technologies. While supporting a variety of built-in interfaces such as serial port, IrDA and CF, the MyPal A600's CF card adaptor also takes advantage of the 24 orbiting satellites for mobile navigation. With the new-generation IBM® one-inch Microdrive™ allowing more convenient and larger data storage, while IrDA protocol delivers fast and reliable data transfers, the A600 is a high-value but cost-effective solution for expanding applications.

Operating system: Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 Premium edition
Category: Pocket PC 2002 ~ WinCE 3.0
Geographic Availability: Worldwide
Size & Weight
75 mm x 125 mm x 12.8 mm: 138 g
2.95 in x 4.92 in x 0.5 in: 4.87 oz
Processor: Intel PXA250 (Xscale) @ 400 MHz
Memory: RAM 64 MB, ROM 32 MB: flashable
Display: Reflective TFT, LED backlight 6 levels, 240 x 320 pixels 65536 colors,diagonal size 0 mm, 0 in
Communications: USB IrDA (FIR @ 4Mbps)
Expansion options: SD / MMC
Battery Lithium-Ion: 1200 mAh
life up to 16 hours: rechargable
Input methods
touch screen
joypad: 4 custom buttons
record button: 3-way scroll button
Audio speaker: microphone Stereo 3.5mm