Asus MyPal A696 GPS PDA

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Asus MyPal A696 GPS PDA

Cased in stainless steel and packing the latest technology, the ASUS A686/696 perfectly marries the twin worlds of consumer electronics and high luxury

To answer the needs of discerning consumers who require a highly versatile and functional PDA, ASUS has launched the A686/696 ultra-slim GPS PDAs. These palm-sized wonders are of a high standard of design and quality and cater to the user´s expectations for personal accessories.

Standing distinct from most of the PDAs on the market, the ASUS A686/696 is not only ultra-slim at only 1.57cm, it incorporates full GPS functionality without the protruding antenna, and is encased in stainless steel instead of plastic. Together with the anti-glare touch screen, the A686/696 exudes a solid and high quality feel expected of luxury accessories.

Global Positioning
Global Positioning System (GPS) puts an end to fumbling with maps and compass by harnessing satellite technology to pinpoint one´s precise location, and other trip information. No mere gimmick, A686/696 has a great variety of everyday applications like trip planning and navigating venues, taking users anywhere, for both fun and work.

On the A686/696, GPS technology comes in an extremely slim PDA with embedded antenna discreetly hidden from view, and the information is displayed on an anti-glare 3.5-inch color screen providing a better view while driving. In addition, the A686/696´s GPS module uses the latest energy-efficient SiRF Star III chipset, enabling accurate navigation over extended periods.

Pocket Power
In situations where a notebook computer is too much to carry, the A696 can get much work done: wireless capability Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) keeps the executive connected to email, the Internet and corporate networks while Bluetooth 2.0 with Enhanced Data Rate speeds up data exchange with a huge range of digital peripherals (phones, printers, etc) by up to two to three times over conventional Bluetooth; with ASUS´s user-friendly application "Remote Presenter", it can also be easily used to link and control presentations on a computer via Bluetooth. Most critically for a workhorse handheld, all data are stored in Flash memory, so precious information remain stored even if all battery power in the handheld has drained away.

Running on Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0, the A686/696 is also a true multimedia handheld with front-mounted speakers, that plays video and audio formats (.WMV, .WMA, .MP3..etc), as well as the huge library of games available for the Pocket PC platform. It´s simply the most versatile mobile entertainment gadget for its size.

Combining a powerful suite of applications into an ultra-slim PDA that exudes a high-quality feel, the ASUS A686/696 is the power accessory of choice for the well-heeled and well-traveled.