Asus MyPal A716 PDA

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Asus MyPal A716 PDA

The A716 features a Type II Compact Flash slot and a SD / MMC Card Slot. I have used it with an IBM Microdrive, Pharos CF GPS, and assorted memory cards. The SD Card Slot is designed for memory expansion and supports all available SD memory cards. Being one of only a few current PocketPCs that have a Compact Flash Slot, the A716 is well designed to support Compact Flash devices such as GSM Phone, FM Radio, GPS, GPRS, and Camera cards.

The 400-MHz Intel PXA255 processor is a solid, proven platform for a PocketPC. This processor can run in different modes to allow the user to customize it to their needs for performance or battery life. The Asus Settings utility allows the processor to be set to Turbo (400MHz), Standard (300MHz), Power Savings (200MHz), or Automatic mode where the A716 automatically senses the needs of the current application and adjusts the processor speed for the best battery life. The A716 run a little slower in overall performance than previous Asus models using the same processor. This might be due to the additional hardware features of the A716. Regardless of this, the difference is very minor, the A716 is still one of the fastest PocketPCs on the market and its performance is better than most models using the same processor.

image The A716's integrated WiFi and Bluetooth provide all the basic connectivity you will need. Both work well and the built-in utilities to set-up and connect to other devices are easy to use. Unfortunately, the A716 cannot use both WiFi and Bluetooth at the same time.


400-MHz XScale PXA255 Processor
Microsoft Windows Mobile 2003
3.5" Trans-reflective TFT LCD, 65536 Color, 16-bit Display with 320x240 resolution
64MB Flash Rom, 31MB usable for storage
64MB SDRAM, 55 MB user accessible
One Compact Flash Type II Card Slot (3.3V/5V)
One SD / MMC Card Slot
One Navigation button with 4 programmable application buttons
Fast IrDA port with 4Mbps/115kbps
Docking and Power ports
3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack, Microphone, and Speaker
Integrated Bluetooth version 1.1
Integrated 802.11b WiFi
1500 mAH Lithium Rechargeable Battery
Optional 3000 mAH Lithium Rechargeable Battery
135mm x 78mm x 17.6mm (LxWxH)
197g. weight