Asus MyPal A730 PDA

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Asus MyPal A730 PDA

It's time to leave behind your notebook, digital camera, MP3 player and voice recorder... The ASUS MyPal A730 Series is one device to replace all. A professional yet stylish design and various entertainment features make this all-new Pocket PC the ideal companion for all situations. Integrated wireless can now be found on the latest model, the A730W. Wireless and Bluetooth can operate simultaneously providing the busy traveler with ultimate connectivity. With a 1.3 Mega-Pixel camera built in, the MyPal A730 let you capture the greatest moments of your life into high-quality photos. It also provides video camera function and a 3.7-inch LCD, much larger than those of any digital camera. The MyPal A730 comes equipped with a 640x480 resolution, 3.7-inch VGA display, making it perfect for image and video applications. It further offers portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) viewing mode for the most convenient visual experience.


* Key Features Audio Output Speakers
* Audio Input Microphone
* Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth, IEEE 802.11b, IrDA
* Power AC Input: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz / Output: 5VDC, 2V (Typical)
* Condition: NEW
* Manufacturer Warranty 1 Year
* Dimensions WxDxH 117.5 x 72.8 x 16.9 mm
* Weight 170 g
* Processor Intel® XScale™ PXA270 Processor 520MHz
* Display: 3.7" TFT active matrix - transflective - 16-bit (64K colors); 640X480 resolution
* Battery 1100mAH Lithium Ion Removable Battery
* ROM 64 MB
* RAM 128 MB
* OS Microsoft Pocket PC 2003 Second Edition