Casio DT-X10 Handheld Terminal

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Casio DT-X10 Handheld Terminal

A New Generation of Handheld Terminal

CASIO launched the revolutionary DT-X10 series of handheld terminal with built-in Intel® PXA255 Application Processor, C-MOS imager and diverse wireless communications via BluetoothTM , IEEE802.11b Wireless LAN and WAN card (GSM, GPRS, CDMA, etc.). Running under Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 4.1 operating system, the rugged DT-X10 is designed specifically with the transportation market in mind.

Scanning of 2D symbologies, 1D symbologies and OCR fonts and image capture

The C-MOS imager, integrated as standard, enables the user to scan industrial standard two-dimensional and one-dimensional symbologies as well as OCR fonts and signatures on the spot.

Brilliant 2-way TFT color LCD screen suitable for indoor and outdoor use

The new LCD screen substantially improves outdoor visibility. It has been developed and manufactured with a specific optical film developed by CASIO that converts external light efficiently into reflecting light, without diffusing and absorbing, to make the display vivid indoors and out where other conventional transmissive LCD screens cannot.

A wide selection of wireless communication standards

The DT-X10 series comes with a wide selection of wireless communication standards, giving users a choice to suit their communication environments in all vertical applications. BluetoothTM comes as standard for all the models.

* Models with PC card slot for WAN card  (DT-X10M30U)
These models allow the user to install a CDMA or GSM or GPRS communication card, to meet the needs of various businesses requiring Wireless WAN.
*Communication Card Covers (DT-892TCV, DT-893LTCV) are available as option for WAN card installations.

* Models with Wireless LAN module built-in for Wireless LAN (DT-X10M30URC)
These models integrate the wireless LAN module compliant with IEEE802.11b standard and supports TCP/IP protocol. Connections with LAN systems are made with ease.

If the optional CF Card Extension Unit (DT-894CFU) is attached to the back of the unit, a CF card can be also used.

Built to withstand harsh environments

The DT-X10 series has been designed and built to withstand harsh business environments. It has dust and water-splash proof capabilities that are compliant with the International Standard IEC529, IP64 criteria, and shock resistance to withstand a fall from up to 1.2 meters in height. As a result it can be used in all business environments including outdoors in rainy conditions.