SHARP EL-6930B Organizers PDA

SHARP Updated: 2007-11-12
SHARP EL-6930B Organizers PDA

By combining powerful data storage capabilities with convenience, Sharp Personal Organizers serve the needs of the busiest individuals. These organizers allow users to easily store important names and phone numbers as well as access calendar and scheduling information.


192 KB Equivalent memory allows you to store thousands of personal entries.

QWERTY keyboard allows for easy entry of phone numbers, appointments, and other data through typing.

Word Translator Mode allows for approx. 2400 English/Spanish word translations.

2 Phone Books allows easy look up of thousands of addresses and phone numbers.

Entertainment Features Black Jack and Alpha Attack games.

Schedule Function with Alarm allows you to keep track of all your appointments.

Basic Organizer Functions include 6 built-in organizer and scheduling functions, calculator and currency conversions in a slim pocket-size design.

Memory: 192 KB Equivalent
Memory at 192KB equivalent. Approx. 2000 telephone names and numbers (name, telephone and fax numbers are 14 characters per entry) can be stored by using compression technology. (Compression Rate: Approx. 1.5:1)
Display: 12 x 3 line display
Compatibility: N/A
Microsoft® Outlook® Synchronization: No
Word Translator: English/Spanish
Connectivity: N/A
Weight: 3.1 oz (with battery)
Battery Life: Approx. 2 years at ambient temperature of 25ºC / 77ºF, assuming the following daily use: 30 min. display, alarm sounding for 20 sec. and key touch tone turned on/off 100 times