SHARP OZ-290HII Organizer PDA

SHARP Updated: 2007-11-12
SHARP OZ-290HII Organizer PDA

Sharp organizers are recognized all over the world as the device for getting organized. You'll discover it was never easier to manage your time once you get your hands and your life on a Sharp organizer.


1.5 MB Equivalent stores thousands of personal entries.

Syncs with Microsoft® Outlook® with included CD-ROM software and USB PC-Link cable.

Enhanced English/Spanish Word Translator allows for approximately 24,000 English/Spanish word translations.

Large Display with backlight 14 x 5 line display

3 Phone Books allow for easy look up of thousands of addresses and phone numbers.

Schedule Function with Alarm allows you to keep track of all your appointments.

Protective Flip Cover helps protect your display from scratches and other damage.

Diet Function with Pedometer tracks your daily intake and calories burned.

Body Mass Index Calculator

Memory: 1.5 MB Equivalent
Display: 14 x 5 line display with backlight
Compatibility: Microsoft® Windows® XP Home / XP Professional / Me / 2000 Professional 98 / 98SE
Microsoft® Outlook® Synchronization: Yes
Word Translator: English/Spanish
Connectivity: Sync Soft CD-ROM and USB PC-Link Cable included
Weight: 3.7 oz.
Battery Life: (at 25ºC / 77ºF)
-Approx. 6 months while Pedometer is set to on, with 5 minutes of data search, 55 minutes of data display, and 10000 step counts per day.
-Approx. 1800 hours when data is continuously displayed with pedometer set to off.
-Approx. 1200 hours when data is searched for 5 minutes and displayed for 55 minutes per hourly use with pedometer set to off.
-Approx. 2 years when turned off and the clock is running with pedometer set to off.
-Backlight Battery: Approx 4000 times when the backlight is turned on for 10 seconds and turned off for 50 seconds per minute while the display is activated.