SHARP Updated: 2007-11-12

Sharp organizers are recognized all over the world as the device for getting organized. With the Sharp YO-P20HII pen touch organizer at your fingertips, you'll discover it has never been easier to store personal and business information.


1 MB memory allows you to store thousands of personal entries.

PC-link cable & software are included for synchronization with Microsoft® Outlook® and data backup/restore.

Enhanced English / Spanish Word Translator allows for approximately 20,000 English/Spanish word translations.

Large Display with backlight 12 x 3 line display

8 Organizer Features Diet function with pedometer

tracks your daily intake and calories burned.

Body Mass Index Calculator

Memory: 1 MB
Display: 12 x 3 line display with backlight
Compatibility: Microsoft® Windows® XP Home / XP Professional / Me / 2000 Professional / 98 / 98SE
Microsoft® Outlook® Synchronization: Yes
Word Translator: English/Spanish
Connectivity: Sync Soft CD-ROM and cable included
Weight: 3.7 oz.
Battery Life: -Approx. 6 months while Pedometer is set to on, with 5 minutes of data search, 55 minutes of data display, and 10000 step counts per day.
-Approx. 5000 hours when data is continuously displayed with pedometer set to off.
-Approx. 2000 hours when data is searched for 5 minutes and displayed for 55 minutes per hourly use with pedometer set to off.
-Approx. 2 years when turned off and the clock is running with pedometer set to off.
-Backlight Battery: Approx 4000 times when the backlight is turned on for 10 seconds and turned off for 50 seconds per minute while the display is activated.