Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 Navigation

Sanyo Updated: 2007-09-15
Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 Navigation

From a recognized leader in navigation technology solutions, SANYO’s Easy Street Portable Navigation Systems make using navigation simple.  Easy Street offers the latest features and a user friendly interface to make your life on the go enjoyable and convenient.

TMC & AUTO REROUTE:  The Sanyo Easy Street NVM-4070 units give you the option of utilizing TMC, the Traffic Message Channel.  This application broadcasts real-time traffic information, alerting the driver of any upcoming problems on the planned route.  The Auto Reroute feature will calculate an alternative route so you can avoid the incident.  A free 90-day trial of TMC service is included with your Easy Street NVM-4070!

BLUETOOTH:  Easy Street incorporates Bluetooth technology, allowing convenient, wireless connectivity and hands-free use with Bluetooth enabled cell phones even while navigating.  You can also wirelessly transfer data such as phonebook contacts and MP3/WMA/WAV music files between your Bluetooth enabled device and the Easy Street navigation system, as well as send SMS text messages.*

ENTERTAINMENT ON-THE-GO: Perfect for people on the go, the Easy Street NVM-4070 features a MPEG-4 video player, JPEG photo viewer and MP3/WMA/WAV music player so you can view images and listen to music in the car or with you on the go.  You can also use the MP3/WMA/WAV music player while in navigation mode!

FM TRANSMITTER: Easy Street’s built-in FM transmitter allows you to play music through an open FM channel on your car’s stereo system, even while navigating!

TEXT-TO-SPEECH NAVIGATION: Easy Street’s NVM-4050 features turn-by-turn, text-to-speech navigation.  Text-to-speech technology announces approaching street names and the number of feet or yards until your turn.  It’s like having your own personal guide riding with you in the car.

INTUITIVE USER DESIGN:  From a large 4” touch-screen LCD display, to an intuitive user menu design and pre-loaded maps of the US (including Alaska, Hawaii, & Puerto Rico) and Canada, using Easy Street right out of the box is a snap.