Antec SP-450 TruePower Quattro Power Supply

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Antec SP-450 TruePower Quattro Power Supply

New and improved SmartPower 2.0 fulfills the demands of today's users.

The NEW SmartPower 2.0 is ATX12V v2.0 compliant, with dual+12V rails, 4 serial ATA connectors, and Antec's Unique Dual Fans Design for virtually silent operation. All SmartPower 2.0 power supplies carry UL, CUL, TÜV, CB, FCC Class B, CE and CCC certified safety approvals.


* ATX12V version 2.0
* Dual 12V output circuitry provides added system stability and meets 240VA UL requirements and safety purpose: 12V1 for Motherboard and peripherals; 12V2 for processor
* ATX12V v2.0 compliance allows SmartPower 2.0 to consume up to 25% less power than standard power supplies, saving you money on your electric bill. 24-pin power connector with detachable 4-pin section.
* 4 SATA Connectors support Serial ATA drives
* Flow-through dual 80mm fans (one intake and one exhaust)
* Unique Dual Fans Technology: exhaust fan starts to spin when the power supply reaches certain temperatures to ensure proper airflow, the second fan spins on power up
* Industrial grade protection prevents damage resulting from short circuits, power overloads, excessive current, low voltages and excessive voltages
* Increased 12V output capability for system components that consume more power from 12V rail
* PCI-E graphic connector
* Safety approvals: UL, CUL, TUV, CB, FCC Class B, CE, CCC
* Increased MTBF: 80,000 hours
* Size: 5.9" (W) x 3.4" (H) x 6.1"(D)
* PF value greater than 90% (EU only)
* Gold plated connector for superior conductivity