Asus A-45GA Power Supply

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Asus A-45GA Power Supply


450 watt high ratting power supply
ATX12V 2.01 compliant
SLI platform supported
Auto thermal acoustics noise control
12 cm fan with blue LED lighting
Flexible 24-pin main connector with detachable 4-pin section
6-pin PCI Express connector
2 Serial ATA connectors provided

Fashionable Outlook
With its black nickel plating and one blue LED lighting fan, ASUS A-45GA Power Supply comes in a stylish design to add a little flare to your system

More Performance and Efficiency
The promised performance of 450 W total output can be delivered in full. At 79% for half load and 76% for full load, the A-45GA Power Supply shows good efficiency. The voltages are very stable and always remain within the tolerance limits

Cool and Silent
The A-45GA Power Supply features the smart fan, which is able to automatically adjust the fan speeds to keep the power supply sufficiently cool.

With a 12 cm fan, the A-45GA Power Supply can generate greater air flow with the lower speed, providing you a quiet working environment
The large side area of hexagon venting holes can also speed up heat dissipation

Cables and Connectors
The A-45GA Power Supply comes equipped with a 24-pin ATX connector, which supports both 24-pin and 20-pin Motherboards without any extra converter. Enough connectors provided to suit the systems, including 20+4 pins main connector (1), Peripheral (7), Floppy Drive (2), Serial ATA (2), +12V Power (1). Moreover, one 6-pin PCI Express connector is provided to support PCI ExpressTM High-End Graphics Add-In Card. The cable lengths are adequate and the cable sleeves give it a clean look.