Belkin AG110030-04 Conserve Energy Saving Surge Protector

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Belkin AG110030-04 Conserve Energy Saving Surge Protector

Conserve Energy Saving 10-Outlet Surge Protector with Remote Switch for Home Theater

Don't Standby. Conserve.
Conserve energy-saving surge protector with remote switch makes it simple to eliminate wasteful standby power, helping you reduce energy consumption, save on energy bills, and lower your overall impact on the environment.

Save energy, save money...conveniently.
Conserve's one-touch remote switch easily powers off up to eight (8) devices plugged into its ''Remote Switched Outlets'', while two (2) ''Always On'' outlets let you keep devices such as your DVR or router constantly powered. This model features surge-protected coax connections for added protection for your valuable home theater system.

Advantages of Conserve

* Convenient one-click solution to help eliminate standby power
* Controls one appliance or an entire system with a single remote switch
* Saves space with its slim design
* Sliding safety covers on each outlet for added protection
* Keeps cords neat and organized with a cable management system
* Comes with Lifetime Product and $100,000 Connected Equipment Warranties
*  Eight (8) Remote Switched Outlets
* Two (2) Always On Outlets
* Detachable Wireless Remote Switch with Wall-Mount
* Coax Protection (1 in, 1 out)
* Sliding Safety Covers
* Cable Management