CoolMax CUG-950B Power Supply

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CoolMax CUG-950B Power Supply

At 950 watts, the CUG-950 power supply supplies your system with the boost it needs to deliver the top experience for intense graphic rendered games. It delivers up to 2.8 times performance increase over a single graphics processing unit system, giving high-end gamers approximately 60 frames per second at resolutions as high as 2560x1600. With 950W, the CUG can power your system smoothly allowing gamers to obtain an uninterrupted experience with the best balanced power, cooling, and noise level system.


- Quad +12V output rails
- Advanced double forward circuit and double-layer PCB
- Active power factor correction
- Super high efficiency maximum 84%
- High power cable management enables safely select wiring
- Ultimate balance between cooling and noise level
- Honey Comb Structure with best ventilation
- Dual PCI-Express power connectors fully support SLI system
- ATX 12V V.2.2
- All output cables with nylon sleeving
- Gold plated terminal
- Flexible connector & system design
- Patented easy swap connector