Lenovo 40Y6799 ThinkPad T/R/W/SL 6 Cell Li-Ion Battery

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Lenovo 40Y6799 ThinkPad T/R/W/SL 6 Cell Li-Ion Battery

Stay unplugged longer with the help of a spare ThinkPad system battery. Help increase your productivity by achieving longer system run times than with just the standard system battery. Get the power you need whenever and wherever you need it for your ThinkPad notebooks.

Features and Benefits:

* Supports 14.1" standard, 15.1" standard and 15.4" Wide T/R/SL/W ThinkPads (does not support 14.4" wide models)
* Original equipment specifications for correct fit and capabilities
* Lithium Ion technology gives this battery a long life, and light weight
* Spare battery convenience allows you to work unplugged longer
* Warranty by Lenovo with renowned Service and Support available from IBM

Power management
Battery type(s): 6 Cell Lithium-Ion

Battery Types: 6 Cell Lithium-Ion
Battery Voltage: 10.8 V
Power: 5.2 Amp/Hr