Lenovo 40Y7003 ThinkPad X60 8 Cell Battery

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Lenovo 40Y7003 ThinkPad X60 8 Cell Battery

Stay unplugged longer. Get twice the capacity of the 4-cell system battery and up to 7.9 hours1 of battery life on select systems. This high capacity battery has an extended area on the back edge and fits in the standard ThinkPad X60 Series system battery slot. Its compatible design allows it to be in the system when the system is connected to the optional ThinkPad X6 UltraBase. All-day computing is a reality (up to 10.5 hours(1)) on select systems when you combine the ThinkPad X60 Series 8 Cell High Capacity Battery with the optional ThinkPad X60 Series Extended Life Battery (40Y7005), or up to 10.0 hours(1) with the ThinkPad Advanced Ultrabay Battery (40Y6789) in the ThinkPad X6 UltraBase. (Note: The Extended Life battery cannot be used in or with the ThinkPad X6 UltraBase.)

Features and Benefits:

* Original equipment specifications for correct fit and capabilities:
- (Note: The 8 Cell High Capacity battery provides longer computing time than either of our 4 Cell batteries. When installed its shape (footprint) extends beyond the back of the ThinkPad X60 Series notebook.)
* Twice the capacity of our 4-cell system batteries with up to 7.9 hours of battery life to stay unplugged longer
* Designed so ThinkPad X60 Series system fits in the ThinkPad X6 UltraBase
* Over-discharge protection
* Warranty by Lenovo with renowned Service and Support available from IBM

(1) A description of the testing and the environment under which the test was performed is available at www.lenovo.com/pc/ww/thinkpad/batterylife. Battery life (and recharge times) will vary based on many factors including screen brightness, applications, features, power management, battery conditioning and other customer preferences.

Power management
Battery type(s): 8 Cell Lithium-Ion

Battery Types: 8 Cell Lithium-Ion
Battery Voltage: 14.4 V
Power: 5.2 Amp/Hr