Philips Power2Go SCE2110 Emergency Phone Charger

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Philips Power2Go SCE2110 Emergency Phone Charger

With this emergency phone charger you never have to run out of power on trains, airports, stations or wherever there is no wall outlet available. Don't be left powerless - take charge anytime, anywhere! Talk as long as you like.

Up to 30 minutes of talk time on your mobile phone
This power solution provides an easy way to avoid ever running out of power with your mobile phone. With a full battery, this power solution is able to provide up to 30 minutes of talk time without the need of a power outlet.

Connector tips are included for most brands
Due to the interchangeable connector tips that are included, this device is fully compatible with most portable devices from a very wide range of brands. Simply choose the connector tip to match your portable device.

LED indication for charging status
Via the illuminated LEDs, you are informed about the charging status of your device. When all LEDs are illuminated you know your device is fully charged, so you can unplug it from the power outlet and prevent unnecessary energy consumption.

Ready to use as no charging is required
For ultimate convenience, you can use this power solution immediately by inserting the ExtremeLife battery.

Compact design for optimal portability when on the go
Thanks to the compact design you can easily carry the power solution with you when you are on the go.


Power Input
Voltage: 0.9 - 1.5V DC

Batteries included: yes
Battery type: AA
Number of batteries: 1

Green Specifications
Packaging material: PET