Philips SCM2280 Power2Charge Universal USB Charger

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Philips SCM2280 Power2Charge Universal USB Charger

Portable devices play important roles in our lives - for work, communication and fun. They need power! With this USB adapter, you can create a universal charging outlet at home or in the office, and forget separate chargers for each device!

Built-in overcharge protection
Once charged, a protection circuit ensures no more power is provided to the batteries of your portable device.

Short-circuit protection for your safety
With built-in short circuit protection, there is no risk of damaging your device the built-in protection quickly shuts off the output.

Energy-efficient standby mode
To increase the environmentally friendliness of this power solution, the stand-by mode has been carefully designed to be energy efficient and therefore limit the energy consumption.


Power Input
Voltage: 100-240 V

Power output
Voltage: 5.6 V

Green Specifications
Heavy metals: Cd free , Hg free , Pb free
Packaging material: PET