Targus APS02US Mini Mobile Surge Protectors

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Targus APS02US Mini Mobile Surge Protectors

The Targus Mini Mobile Surge Protectors protect your notebook, PDA or electronic equipment from damaging electrical shocks and surges. They are designed to fit 2- or 3-prong power adapters. They include a thermal overload system that reduces the risk of electric shock or fire during sustained over voltage, and feature automatic reset after transient has passed. They are small, lightweight and ideal for travel.

Protects against harmful power surges and spikes

Compatible with 2- and 3- prong power adapters

Ideal for travel

Color: Black with red accents
Exterior Dimensions: 8.38" x 6.63" x 1.6"
Technical: Voltage rating: 230 VAC
Maximum current rating: 2.5 Amps
Maximum current surge handling: 2.5 kA
Worldwide voltage compatible (110 VAC–230 VAC)
Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty
Weight: 4.8 oz