Toshiba CV-10 Vacuum Contactor

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-18
Toshiba CV-10 Vacuum Contactor

HA(L)/HB(L) 320 Amp, 12/15KV This 12/15KV contactor is unique in the market and is going into many applications where only vacuum circuit breakers were used in the past. The CV-10H offers a product of lower cost, smaller size, and over 10 times the life over medium voltage breakers. The HB model has been specially designed for capacitor switching, while the HA is for motor and transformer switching. The CV-10 is available in non-latched or latched type version.

Rated Voltage  2400/4200/6900V(7.2kV max)  12/15kV  12kV****  2400/4200/6900V(7.2kV max)
Rated Operational Current  400A  320A  720A
Rated Thermal Current  -  450A  -
Interrupting Current  7000A (4.5kA @7.2kV)  5kA/4kA  5000A  7200A
Rated Short-time Withstand Cur.  -  5000A - 1 sec  -
Rated Peak Withstand Current  -  12500A  -
Short-circuit Making/Breaking Current  -  5kA/4kA  5kA  -
Class E1 MVA  25/50 (36/60)  120  30/60/85
Class E2 MVA  200/400/570  1200MVA 200/400/600
Short Time Current  2400A -30s  1920A - 30s  4320A - 30s
4000A -12s  8000A - 1s (4800A - 1s)  10800A - 1s
6300A - 2s  -
Overcurrent Strength (Peak Value)  85kA (PEAK)  See Coordination Below  85kA (PEAK)
Coordination w/Current-Limiting Fuses  -  Short-circuit Current 40kA
Cut-off Current 50kA Peak  -
Switching Frequency  1200/Hr  300/Hr  300/Hr  120/Hr  600/Hr  300/Hr
Mechanical Life***  2.5M  250k  250k  1M  200k
Electrical Life***  250k  250k  100k  200k
Impulse Withstand  60kV  75kV  60kV
Dielectric Strength  22kV-1 Minute  28kV-1 Min (42kV)** 22kV-1 Minute
ClosingTime  80 ms or Less  130 - 140 ms or Less  80-100 ms
Opening Time  25 ms or Less  30 - 40 ms or Less  40-55 ms
Arcing Time  10 ms or Less  10 ms or Less  10 ms or Less
Pick-Up Voltage  85% (Hot) - 70 % (Cold) AC or DC
Drop-Out Voltage  50%(Hot) - 40% (Cold) AC or DC
Tripping Voltage  60% or less of Coil Rating DC (cold)
Control Voltage  Standard  120Vac 50/60 Hz  100-240Vac/100-250Vdc l  115-240Vac/125-250Vdc
Optional  240Vac/125Vdc/250Vdc -  -
Control Circuit Burden  Closing  670VA (AC) - 700W(DC)  1150VA(AC)/1200W(DC)  840VA  875W
Holding  85VA(AC) - 85W (DC)  80VA (AC)/90W(DC)  48VA  -
Tripping*  4.8A (DC)Max  4.0A (DC) Max  -  4.8A Max
Auxiliary Contact Ratings  Arrangement  3NO-3NC 2NO-3NC 4NO-2NC  2NO-1NC 3NO-3NC  2NO-2NC
Current  10A (A600)
Voltage  600V Max - 48V Min
AC  720VA (P.F. 0.35)
DC  60W (L/R 150 ms)
Application Conditions  Altitude w/o Derate  Lower than 6600ft (2000m) Lower than 3300ft
Ambient  -5 to + 40°C
Relative Humidity  45 to 85%
Vibration  20 Hz - 1 G
Shock  30 G
Weight - lbs. (kg)  43 (19.5)  44 (20)  88 (40)  91 (41)  60 (27) 62 (28)