Toshiba Model RTM20 RTD Monitor

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-18
Toshiba Model RTM20 RTD Monitor

For those applications requiring temperature monitoring, this relay offers an adjustable trip-point setting from 40-195 degrees centigrade. This versatile temperature relay can be used to monitor applications ranging from bearings and stator windings, to engine cylinders and exhaust. LEDs serve to inform the user about such things as an alarm output if 90% of the trip temperature is detected, or if a sensor lead breaks. There are also four different RTD materials which can be selected (Pt 100, Ni:100, Ni:120 or Cu:10 ohm).

RTM20-RTD Monitor
Temperature display range  minus 20 to 200 degree C
Frequency  50/60 Hz
Supply voltage  AC  100 to 120 V
DC  100 to 125V
Power Consumption  6W
Ambient temperature  Operation  minus 10 to 60 degree C
Storage  minus 20 to 70 degree C
Outputs  Trip setting range  40 to 195 degree C
No. of outputs  6 outputs (1 trip & 1 alarm outputs for each group)
Inputs  Sensor (RTD)  Pt 100  Ni 100
Ni 120  Cu 10
No. of points 8