Toshiba Model S2E21 Protection Relay Multifunction Motor Electronic Relay

Toshiba Updated: 2007-07-18
Toshiba Model S2E21 Protection Relay Multifunction Motor Electronic Relay

For applications requiring both complete protection and total motor management, specify the S2E21 relay. This microprocessor-based programmable relay automatically calculates the motor temperature rise from the heating characteristic and current. The temperature based overload scheme provides optimum protection and is ideally suited for protecting motors operating in critical applications. The S2E21 is the premier motor protection relay that includes all the protective features necessary to provide total peace of mind. The relay also incorporates 8 RTD inputs, fieldselectable for Pt 100, Ni:100, or Ni:120 ohm. Special model available for Cu 10 ohm RTD.

S2E21 Specifications
Control Power Supply  AC 100V-120V
DC 100V-125V
Rated Frequency  50/60 Hz
Rated Current  1A/5A (CT Sec. Current)
Applicable Environment  Ambient Temp.  -10 to +60°C Operation
-20 to +60°C Transportation
Humidity  20 to 85% R.H. (No condensation)
Altitude  2000 Meters (6600 Ft.) Maximum
Performance Dielectric Strength  2000 VAC for one minute
Current Withstand  1.3 x Rated Current (Cont.)
40 x Rated Current (One Sec.)
Vibration Withstand  16.7 Hz, Total amplitude 3 mm
(3 directions for 2 Hours)
Shock Withstand  10 G
(3 directions for 2 Hours)
Output Contacts  TRIP  Form C (Fail-Safe / Non-Fail-Safe)
LOCK  Form C (Fail-Safe / Non-Fail-Safe)
ALARM  Form C (Fail-Safe / Non-Fail-Safe)
ERROR  Form C (Fail-Safe / Non-Fail-Safe)