Tripp Lite LR2000 Line Conditioner

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Tripp Lite LR2000 Line Conditioner

Tripp Lite's LR2000 Automatic Voltage Regulation/AVR power conditioner prevents equipment damage, performance problems and system degradation due to voltage fluctuations, line noise and transient surges. Ensures 230V +/-10% output voltage for computer equipment, home theater systems and other sensitive electronic devices during brownouts to 175 and overvoltages to 253V. Reliable transformer-based voltage regulation offers two available levels of voltage boost to correct severe undervoltages, along with a single level of voltage reduction for overvoltages. Network-grade AC surge and EMI/RFI noise suppression removes power contaminants known to cause system interference, lockups and power-related audio and video artifacts. Extends the useful life of connected equipment by enhancing power supply efficiency and preventing overtemperature conditions. Front panel LEDs offer metered verification of input voltage level in 3 stages. Detachable IEC-320 C14 connector accepts a variety of worldwide replacement cordsets. Includes 6 outlets (2 NEMA 5-15R, 2 NEMA 6-15R and 2 IEC-320 C13), plus one UNIPLUG adapter capable of accommodating dozens of international plug types.

* Maintains regulated 208/220/240V nominal output (selectable).
* Three levels of voltage stabilization offer targeted response to overvoltages, undervoltages and severe brownouts
* Input voltages over 255V (@240V)/234V (@220V)/221V (@208V) are reduced by 9.8%
* Input voltages between 204-223V (@240V)/ 189-204V (@220V)/ 179-193V (@208V) are boosted by 9%
* Input voltages at or below 205V (@240V)/ 188V (@220V)/ 178 (208V)are boosted by 18.2%
* 2000 watts output power rating supports up to 8.7 amps
* Network grade AC surge suppression
* EMI/RFI noise filtering
* 5 diagnostic LEDs indicate boost, trim and normal AVR operation
* 6 protected outlets (2 NEMA 5-15R/2 NEMA 6-15R/2 IEC-320 C13)
* IEC-320 C14 inlet connection supports user supplied country specific equipment cord set
* 2 year manufacturer's product warranty


* Ideal for use with computer accessories, laser printers, home theater and professional A/V systems, POS equipment and other sensitive electronic devices

Package Includes

* LR2000 Line Conditioner
* 2m C13 to NEMA 6-15P cord set
* One UNIPLUG international plug adapter
* Instruction manual and warranty information