Tripp Lite PV1800HF PowerVerter Ultra-Compact Inverter

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Tripp Lite PV1800HF PowerVerter Ultra-Compact Inverter

arness your vehicle's battery to efficiently power office equipment on the road or power tools at a work site. Continuously supplies up to 1800 watts of 120V AC power to 4 AC outlets from any 12V battery or automotive DC source. Includes a set of nut-and-bolt style DC terminals for simple installation. Super-compact, lightweight metal case design is among the smallest, most rugged inverters available at this power level.

* Allows users to run AC appliances from a properly sized 12V battery or automotive DC system
* Converts 12V DC battery power to 120V AC power
* 1800 watts continuous output power; 3600 watts peak output power (instantaneous)
* 4 outlets
* Ultra-compact, lightweight design with all-metal housing
* Diagnostic LEDs indicates low battery voltage level and load level
* Low battery alarm with auto-shutoff prevents deep battery discharge
* High-efficiency operation conserves batteries to prolong run time
* (6) 40-amp fuses protect inverter from overload


* Ideal for complete desktop computer systems, laptops, portable electronics, refrigerators, coffeepots, microwave ovens, battery chargers for cell phones, pagers, notepads and games, large power tools, TV/VCR/stereo systems, camcorders, lighting and other power AC applications under 1800 watts.

Package Includes

* PV1800HF Inverter
* Warranty information
* Instruction manual